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Are you interested in discussing a possible new assignment, a collaboration or maybe hearing more about what it's like to work at Centercom? You can reach us through any of the contact routes below!

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Office building in Norrköping

Norrköping office (main office)

Drottninggatan 53, 602 32 Norrköping
Office building in Stockholm

Stockholm Office 

  • Björn Ehlin
    Björn EhlinCEO / Project Manager
    +46 709 728 180
  • Philip Squire
    Philip SquireProject Manager / Business Development
  • Niclas Ringborg
    Niclas RingborgCOO / System Architect
  • Peter Wigh
    Peter WighCTO / System Architect
  • Daniel Berg
    Daniel BergSystem Developer / System Architect
  • Jimmie Berg
    Jimmie BergSystem Developer
  • Mattias Brage
    Mattias BrageSystem Developer
  • Kim BjurlingSystem Developer
  • Thomas Hall
    Thomas HallSystem Developer
  • Marcus JohanssonSystem Developer
  • Maja Klang
    Maja KlangUX/UI Designer
  • Erik OlssonSystem Developer
  • Fanny SundinUX/UI Designer
  • Daniel Söderberg
    Daniel SöderbergUX/UI Designer
  • Ann Söderbäck
    Ann SöderbäckSystem developer
  • Hannes Töllborg
    Hannes TöllborgSystem Developer
A selection of clients
VB Energi
Telge Energi
Haugen Gruppen
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