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About Centercom

A knowledgeable, experienced and committed team that is passionate about digital development and serving our customers and partners in the best possible way. We offer our services with overall responsibility or as individual expert resources and have many years of experience in extensive and challenging client projects.

At Centercom you will find UX / UI specialists who help you conceptually and guarantee the best result for the end user, system architects who guide your project carefully in line to the overall project goals and technical requirements, front and back end developers with a complete grasp of the latest development methods and project managers who understand marketing, technology and budgets live in symbiosis. We are based in Sweden and have, since we were founded in 1998 been fortunate to deliver to clients worldwide.

Why Centercom?

The challenge of choosing a supplier for your digital development project can often, in reality be a risk. As the demand for development services has soared, the risk that the client will not get the supplier’s top performers in their projects has increased at the same rate. With Centercom however you are in safe hands. Our strategy of recruiting and growing at the right pace for us has meant that we have built a very stable base and in fact only have the best, senior resources to offer in our assignments - security for both the client and for us.

Another equally important factor is the response you receive when the project has entered the management and support phase. We thrive on doing our best for our customers and therefore do everything in our power to ensure that you as a client quickly receive personal help from individuals who are not only committed and highly skilled, but also well versed in your particular system.

It can sometimes be difficult to put together the entire team that's needed to be able to deliver at the highest level. It may be that certain key roles are not currently available or that you lack some cutting-edge skillset in one specific area for the whole project to gel and move forward.

We know how challenging that can be and really enjoy collaborations! Centercom only has senior UX/UI and development staff, so when we enter assignments where another, sometimes larger supplier has the end client responsibility, we therefore generally take on expert or other leading roles. No matter the role we play, we shoulder the partner role with pride and value the trust you have given us.

As a potential employee in an industry that is more or less screaming for skilled staff, it can of course be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’re well aware that there are a several great employers in the industry, each with its own benefits.

When we asked our team why they chose Centercom, we received a range of different answers: Stimulating assignments, modern technology, interesting customers and fantastic premises are a few highlights. Others were to be a very important part of a team with relaxed down to and highly skilled colleagues where helpfulness, humility and a professional attitude are in everyone's DNA. Something that is mentioned repeatedly is the "atmosphere" - that we are a company where it is simply easy to thrive. Maybe it doesn't have to be more complicated than that.

Colleagues discussing
Colleagues discussing
The team at Centercom

Something that is mentioned repeatedly is the "atmosphere" - that we are a company where it is easy to feel at home.

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