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Proactive partner or expert resource

At Centercom you will find UX / UI specialists who will assist you conceptually and guarantee the best experience for your end users, system architects who will pilot the project correctly in relation to your goals and the technical requirements, front and back-end developers with a complete grasp of the latest development methods and project managers who understand that marketing, technology and budgets need to live in symbiosis.

Proactive partner with overall responsibility

Most of our clients choose to let us take overall responsibility for the development and or integration of one or more systems, digital services, or websites. It’s not unusual that client often has other suppliers who complement our skillsets, with whom we are always happy to collaborate.

Expert resources and tailor-made teams for both customers and partners

As our often senior, employees have expert knowledge in a number of areas, we are also often called upon to assist as a much-appreciated reinforcement in ongoing major projects. This might range from individual consulting efforts to setting up a complete team tailored to the task. Both can work independently or closely integrated with other development teams. If you as a client or partner need an expert resource or a team from Centercom, you can be sure that each consultant maintains the highest level of professionalism both technically and socially and that individual has the support of our whole organisation behind them.

Proactive partner or expert resource
  • UX/UI design
  • System architecture
  • Web development
  • System development
  • System architecture
  • Management, operation & support
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